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What to wear during quarantine?

Updated: Jun 6

If you’re one of the millions of people staying home right now, working from home or just staying home is becoming a real challenge. Some of us work from home and others have to do school zoom meetings and we're trying to figure out how to adjust and get used to this new norm.

Staying home doesn't mean to look messy and wear pajamas all day long. We can stay home and still look presentable. We can feel cozy but still look put together and I did some research and online shopping and came out with these 8 items that will save the day and help you keep polished and comfy during quarantine:

1. The lounge Set

Lounge sets, or pajama sets that don't look like pajamas, but more like a comfy outfit that you can wear for zoom meetings or even for walks outside. here are a few of my favorites:

2. Lounge separates

You don't have to buy lounge sets or pajama sets, you can create your own. here i matched cute tops and comfy jogger pants and the entire collection can be mixed and matched to create endless outfits. The tops can be also worn with jeans or skirts, and the joggers can be worn with other tops.

3. The perfectly perfect sneakers

Comfy yet stylish sneakers for walks outside and running errands that go with absolutely any outfit

4. The must-have cardigan

For chilly days or evenings, outside walks, zoom meetings, a quick coverup, these cardigans can be life savers and they go with all of the above outfits

5. The zip-front hoodie

If you're not really into cardigans, these zip front hoodies are a great alternative and also go with all the above outfits:

6. Not the typical denim jacket

Denim jackets work just as cardigans and hoodies but just better. They come in all different lengths and styles. There are long ones, embellished ones, colored ones, white, beaded, ripped and the possibilities are endless. They work with absolutely any outfit, jeans, dresses, joggers, skirts even dress pants. With us wearing comfy clothes all the time during quarantine , denim jackets work perfectly for outside walks or running errands . look at the collection I put together here and click on anyone that you like to shop:

7. The wireless bra

More comfortable to wear at home and here are my faves from Macy's, tried and approved :)

8. The Blazer

elevates any look and gives instant professionalism. its the blazer! wear with jeans, dress pants, dresses and voila! ready to meet people! here are my favorites from Express:

9. My favorite things from Macy's

9. Cute stuff from Nordstrom Rack

10. Best home activity for kids

Since kiddos are staying home most of the time, i was looking for something to keep them active throughout summer and get them away from screens. my daughter have been wanting this inflatable bounce house with a water slide for outdoor play:

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