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The Palestine Collection

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Designed with pictures from the cities of my beloved country Palestine, decorated with an Arabic poem I wrote in 2015 , this tray reminds me of the stories my grandma used to tell me about our homeland, Palestine. the poem says:

جَميلةٌ أنتِ كأشجار البرتقال

و عيناكِ كبحرِ يافا تسرق من ينظر اليها

راسخة ... مثل الجبالِ في أرضِ كنعان

و عتيقةٌ مثل دار جدي في صفد

قويةٌ أنتِ ككوفية ثائر

كألفِ رجلٍ و ألفِ سيف

و باقية أنتِ مثل قصيدة وطن

Beautiful you are.. like orange trees..

your eyes are like the beach of Yaffa, they steal whoever looks into them..

Rooted, like the mountains in the land of Canaan..

Ancient, like my grandparents home in Safad..

Powerful... like a rebel's Kufiah

Like a thousand men and a thousand sword

Everlasting... like a homeland poem..

The Palestine Tray

Matches all types and colors of furniture, this tray will impress your guests if you serve coffee in it, and will make a friend happy if they receive it as a gift! Order here

The Palestine Mug Collection

A mug for every city.. will make your morning coffee taste better!

Jerusalem Mug

order here

Yaffa Mug

order here

Haifa Mug

order here

Safad Mug

order here

Gaza Mug

order here

Akka Mug

Order here

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