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New! Mosaic bags

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

From old Damascus

A beautiful wooden bag brought especially for my customers from the old town of Damascus. Handmade of natural walnut wood and mother of pearl inlay and decorated with a colorful butterfly. Lined with damascene brocade fabric with red, blue and metallic flower patterns with an inside pocket. This bag makes a unique piece that cannot be found anywhere else. It can be worn with any outfit, from jeans to dressy skirts, flirty dresses and more. Convertible with its gunmetal shoulder chain, can be held as a clutch or a crossbody for a hassle free day or night out! can fit anysize mobile phone.

The Damascene wood mosaic is one of the oldest, most distinguished traditional handicrafts in Damascus The craft of inlaying goes back thousands of years.

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What do you know about the history of Syrian Mosaic?

Mosaic in general is the art of creating pictures or decorations made of small, usually colored pieces of inlaid stone, glass, wood etc..

The Damascene wood mosaic is one of the oldest, most distinguished traditional handicrafts in Damascus. The craft of inlaying goes back thousands of years. Many museums around the world display inlaid objects of Assyrian and ancient Egyptian origin – some over 3000 years old. From the first experience in inlaying, when mostly Byzantine artisans were employed, the art of mosaics developed in Damascus and became an honored profession.

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The art of inlaying reached Europe through Moorish Spain and Sicily. The technique became known as intarsia – a name believed to have been derived from the Arabic tarsi’ ترصيع ، مرصّع (the act of inlaying, from the verb rassa’a – to inlay).

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In Damascus, most of the mosaic craftsmen ply their trade in the old part of the city. You can find boxes, mirrors and even complete living room furniture decorated with mosaic.Even though these mosaic articles are hand-manufactured, to some extent in Egypt, Iran and other countries, Damascus leads the world in the production of the same articles. Sometimes they can be found in Morocco, Istanbul and even in Oriental stores in North America. However, it is in their homeland, Syria where they are found in abundance. they are usually much sought after as souvenirs which, when brought back home by travellers, enrich their homes with an exotic touch of the East.

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