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How to Pack Light for Vacation

How to Pack exactly and only what you'll need

We are #travel lovers and always go out of town on holidays and long weekends. I used to overload my luggage with things that I ended up never using, It took me years to learn know how to pack light. Especially with kids, its hard but I've managed to develop ways to pack only and exactly what I need. Here are some tips

Remember that less is always more!

1- There's a product that I found at that made my packing process easier, my travel more fun and less stressful. its these packing organizers that you can organize your clothes into groups, outfits, socks, underwear, pjs, bathing suits etc... they're available in multiple colors so each member of the family can get their own color so they don't get mixed up. they also keep your clothes neatly folded. You know who the airport workers throw your luggage in a way that you find them mixed up and wwinkled once you arrive to your destination. well, this will solve the problem once and for all.

2- I don't like hotel shampoo and conditioner, I like using my own, but what if my bottles are too big and heavy? I find travel size of the same brand and get like two of each. I use one at a time and toss it when I'm done with it, this way I don't have to pack it on the way back, so I end up with even less weight. win/win :)

3- Same thing with toothpaste, hair products, perfumes, deodorants and skin care. there is always travel size of everything. and if you cannot find that, get travel size bottles from target and fill them with your own products. Remember to label everything because Ive always thought that I'd remember but I ended up mixing up things.

4- There's a great product that made my life easier, my travel more fun and my unpacking as easy as doing my bed. its packing organizers. its little pouches that you can organize your clothes in. they come in sets, 2 big ones for clothes, 2 medium ones for underwear, and 2 small ones for socks and mall things. I use the small ones also for chargers and headphones. even better, they come in different colors so every member of the family can have their own color set so we don't get mixed up. clothes will stay folded neatly so you won't find them upside down when you get to the hotel, and you'll just put them in the hotel closet as is, folded nicely. you don't even need to hang anything.

5- Instead of jeans, pack skirts and light fabric pants like palazzo pants and paper-bag pants. you'll end up more stylish, more comfortable and with lighter luggage.

6- For shoes, pack 1 neutral color walking shoes that goes with most of your outfits, mainly plain black or plain white. 1 water shoes or flipflops for the pool, one neutral flat sandals for walking, could be beige, gold, silver or brown. If you're planning to go night outs pack a pair of heels that goes with the outfit that you'll wear it that night.

7- Try to plan your outfits, don't just pack everything you like. Pair tops and bottoms, one outfit for every day of your trip and one extra outfit just in case.

8- Don't pack a hair drier because its available in all hotels. Pack a flat or curling iron that's dual voltage for other countries. It usually says dual voltage on the package.

9- Pack an extra outfit and underwear and socks in your carry-on just in case you theres a delay in your flight, you missed a flight, you had to sleep a night at the airport hotel , hopefully this never happens but just in case. this way you'll be able to take a shower and change.

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