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My scarf collection

Updated: Jan 26

Beautiful scarves designed with my watercolor paintings and Arabic poems I wrote. Made in Canada out of silky fabrics, designed with vibrant colors. Whether you wear them as hijabs or as shawls, these scarves will make you stand out in a crowd and will add character to your outfits!

1. Add a statement piece to your outfit

Even if you're wearing the most basic and plain outfit, throw this scarf on and it will immediately give interest and character to your outfit. look how I accessorize this plain black dress with this colorful scarf that has the lyrics of the famous Lebanese singer Fairouz's song on it. "El Bint El Shalabia"

2. Stand out in a crowd

Arabic writing on any garment grab attention. with your Arabic calligraphy scarfs people will as you what it's saying and where you got it from. Everyone will love it!

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