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2020 Spring, Summer Hottest Trends

Updated: May 4

I'm a fashion lover and I like to be trendy, however, there are trends that work for me and trends that don't. I don't wear something just because its in. I wear things that flatter my figure and compliment my style.

Let's talk about hot trends and must haves that I really love this spring - summer.

1. Tie-Dye

If in the right colors and shades, tie dye can make the most beautiful outfit. this summer its so in and available in multiple styles, colors and shades. definitely a yes! I'm seeing them the most in lounge sets and that's perfect for quarantine time.

2. Statement bows

Wrap yourself up like a gift this season with a huge-ass bow. It can be the focal point of your outfit or blend in more subtly.

3. Lots of Drapery

Draped tops, surplice tops, wrap tops, all styles that are in this spring -summer and they work best for hiding your tummy :)

4. Puff Sleeves

Cant talk enough about puff sleeves, they've been around during winter and still in through spring and summer. This bold silhouette is popular now and I'm so obsessed

5. Beige Monochromes

All-Beige outfits are trending. wearing different shades of beige in one outfit. Become best friends with these brown tones next season because they’re gonna be everywhere

6. Polkadots

The playful print gets a grown-up twist with structured silhouettes and modern details. Suddenly, I want to wear only dots from now on.

7. Not your grandmother Crochet

Crochet is getting a cool update come spring. Think ultra-feminine dresses, polished suiting, and eveningwear that feels modern with a special touch of Grandma’s handmade crochet. As the fashion industry looks for ways to become more sustainable, there’s something special about a “trend” that embraces a slow, handmade technique that can be passed down generation after generation—à la that treasured family heirloom that lasts forever.

8. Highlighter Inspired colors

What’s fluoro pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow, and refuses to blend in with the crowd? All the highlighter-inspired neons gracing your favorite catwalks, from Tom Ford to Christopher John Rogers, and Courreges. Subtle may not be her specialty, but these vibrant shades pair wonderfully with black, white, or tan, and know how to make an entrance.

8. Layered Necklaces

Whether they're real gold or faux bijoux, wether they come together as a set or you layer them up by yourself, make sure to wear lots of layered necklaces this summer because its the trend.

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