Since I was a little child I've loved fashion. During the mid 80s, I was about 7 years old, My mom was a professional tailor, she sewed classy clothes for our family and for her friends, she also tailored beautiful evening and wedding gowns. My mom owned a massive collection of the German, famous at that time, Burda Magazine.

I remember spending hours flipping through the pages of her magazines and admiring the beautiful fashion designs in them. I would choose a dress and she would take me to the fabric market, in old Damascus, we pick a fabric and she'd sew it for me. She taught me how to trace patterns and how to do embroidery. 

One day I was looking at one of her magazines and saw a beautiful tracksuit design for barbie dolls, I asked her to make me one but she said she was tired and went to take a nap. I kept looking at that tracksuit and wanted it so much for my barbie doll. "She taught me how to trace patterns from the patterns map" I said to myself. I got the tissue paper, traced the pattern exactly how she taught then got some fabric, traced the pattern on the fabric and cut it out. When she woke up i said "here, Mommy, all you need to do it sew it together on your sewing machine"

I remember how amazed and proud of me she was.. she said "I'm so happy! I can't believe you did this by yourself! And because you did all of this work without anybody helping you, I'll make it for you right now!". I still have the barbie and the outfit till this day :) When I grew up, in high school and college years, I started designing my own clothes. I'd draw the design and she'd make it a reality. Then when I wear the outfit my finds would ask where I got it from, they would either find something similar in stores, or they'd just take it to a tailor and have her copy it. 

I decided to publish this lifestyle blog and share all things I love about fashion. Stay tuned! 

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