I believe that our skin is like a flower, if you water it everyday and take care of it, it'll bloom, but if you neglect it it'll die. I also believe that beauty comes from the inside out, so instead of spending money on foundation products, which hide the flaws, I spend money of skin care products, which help fixing the problem. So how to maintain a healthy and radiant skin? Here are the daily steps:

Never sleep with makeup on: How many times you've heard this? probably a thousand times, and by the end of the day you're exhausted and you never have time or energy to wipe your makeup.. I know.. i know... I've done it so many times and I know how wrong it is.

I eventually came to a belief that if I have time to brush my teeth before bed then I have time to remove my makeup. Sleeping with makeup on is the worst thing you could do to your skin and it doesn't show overnight, it'll show after years and then it'd be too late. I like to use eye makeup remover allover my face since it's more gentle and liquid ones work so well with my skin as I find them the most gentle. Makeup remover doesn't have to be very expensive because it'l be washed away. Here are my favorites:

Morning Routine: I wash my face with water, then use a gentle gel cleanser, rinse, then I apply my eye gel, then I apply my daily toner, then my favorite moisturizer with SPF at least 30 and in the summer 50. Some times I mix my moisturizer with a high spf sunscreen to add more protection. wait a few minutes till everything dries then I apply my makeup. Also one of my favorite brands is Drunk Elephant , they don't have moisturizer with spf. However I usually mix their protein moisturizer with their tinted sunscreen and they give amazing results! the protein cream nourishes your skin while the tinted sunscreen gives this amazing glow especially if you're sun tanned. I just love it! Here are all the skincare products that I use: 

Evening Routine: Remove my makeup with gentle eye makeup remover, rinse with water, use cleanser and toner just like the morning then night moisturizer and eye cream. My favorite cleanser & toner products that I use all the time are Dermalogica & Mario Badescue. I really like Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin Advanced cream, I don't use it all the time because It's a bit pricey but its worth the money. this is a really good cream. Don't forget your lip balm treatment to use overnight to wakeup with the softest lips. and before that use some lip scrub to remove all the dead skin :)

Exfoliating: I mix my daily cleanser with my exfoliating powder scrub and scrub my face gently in circular motions. It feels so clean afterwards because it takes away all the dead skin. I only do this twice a week and usually when I take a shower so I don't forget.

Once I got a free birthday gift from Sephora, it was a portein moisturizer and I loved how it felt on my skin, it was from Drunk Elephant, a brand I've never heard of before but I really liked this cream. I do lip balm before I go to bed to hydrate my lips. I usually use ones with treatment like Fresh Sugar. Some of them are tinted so you can use instead of lipstick, they look so cute and natural on. Also one of my favorites that my daughter always steals from me is Too Faced Peach Lip balm, It smells so good and tastes sweet.

Sleeping Masks: Sometimes I apply sleeping mask products before bed then rinse when I wake up, it makes my face feel so soft in the morning and gives it a natural glow. I really like Glow Recipe sleeping mask, I also use it as a day mask for 10 minutes then I rinse it before I apply my moisturizer and makeup. 

It's Easy! This whole process takes only a few minutes by the way and once you get used to it you won't be able to skip it. you'll love your face more when you take care of it. it'll thank you in a few years from now, trust me. 

Makeup: I don't really use foundation unless im going to a wedding or a special occasion. never use foundation, I've tried so many times so many different brands but I never liked how it felt on my face, I prefer tinted moisturizers, BB creams and CC creams but mostly I like to spend my money on skincare products more than foundations. Even though I like to always switch brands, here are some of my staple items:
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